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Released: 1988
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: originally Black & Blue Production, DVD by Salieri Classic, also features Tracey Adams (iafd), shot in 1986
Alternate Titles
  • L'Animal Italien 1 Colmax, on same disc as pt. 2, condensed version of Vietnam Store parts 1 and 2
  • Vietnam part 2 ?
  • Vortix Vietnam 2 Germany, SAP
Notes and Reviews

For notes on the major cast and explanation of the particular versions selected for analysis, see Vietnam Store: parte prima

In the end-credits nine additional non-sex male names appear, all as 'soldier'. Some seem to be given surname-first; and one of them must be Max Bellocchio:

  • Franco Giorgi
  • Michele Ceri
  • Gennaro Chiaro
  • Aburia Rosario
  • Romeo Colotta
  • Surino Antonio
  • Rosi Alfredo
  • Rosi Mariano
  • Mulav Stefano

Roberto Malone's crimes in Vietnam continue to come home to roost, as they are investigated by Joy Karin's (when she isn't having sex). Sex scenes (runtime 77'43"):

  1. Bedroom. Joy, Emmanuelle, Malone (bgg).
  2. Tracy (b/g), Rocco.
  3. Garden. Joy (BJ), Balard.
  4. Emmanuelle (b/g), Rocco. Joy and Malone arrive at Tracy's flat. Malone phones Rocco while he's still screwing Emmanuelle, and Tracy overhears. 'Revenge' sex ensues, with Malone fucking both Joy and Tracy.
  5. Joy gives Malone a BJ. After a brief Vietnam flashback this part ends with Joy about to shoot Malone.

L'Animal Italien 1 (runtime: 96 min.) is a condensed version comprising the following:

  • Vietnam Store: prima parte scene 1
  • a brief view of the naked Joy and Balard (Vietnam Store: prima parte scene 2, essentially omitted)
  • Vietnam Store: prima parte scene 3
  • Vietnam Store: seconda parte scenes 1 to 3
  • Vietnam Store: seconda parte scene 4 up to the overheard phone-call (concludes as first scene of L'Animal Italien 2)

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