< Vietnam Part 4

Released: 1988
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Black & Blue Entertainment Group, also features Julie Bailey (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • After Desert Storm Germany, SAP, an edited version of parts 3 and 4 (82 min.)
  • L'Animal Italien 2 Colmax, on same disc as pt. 1, shortened version of Vietnam 2 to 4
  • Vietnam IV original VHS screen title
  • Vietnam Store 4 ?
  • Florance Purì as Maria de Renzy, Donatella Acri, Silvy Dobrian or Barbara Owen
  • Solange Hop as Solange Kho-Lin
  • XNK5128 as Maria de Renzy, Donatella Acri, Silvy Dobrian or Barbara Owen
Notes and Reviews

The following notes detail a Greek-subtitled tape which seems to be a copy of the original VHS. Runtime of the film alone is 63'43". For credit-notes see Vietnam 3.

  1. The film begins with a stills-reprise of parts 1-3. There are no credits.
  2. Brief flashback to Vietnam, where nun Julie and Solange's current BF (a crippled veteran) talk amicably. Cut to present-day (apparently) - Julie in street clothes, with Malone and Pieri. After a while bbg ensues.
  3. Solange goes to Florance's place, apparently to ask her about Malone's war-record. He arrives, an argument follows; and seemingly he takes her hostage, phoning the BF to taunt him. Malone then fucks both girls.
  4. The crippled vet now begins a 'Rocky' style recovery-effort in order to rescue Solange and wreak revenge upon Malone. Cut to dinner-table at Florance's - Malone, unknown male (de Giostri?), 5128, Florance and Solange. Malone takes 5128 into a bedroom and fucks her. The others remain in the dining-room where all three strip off; there's some dilatory les action and one very brief ECU penetration-shot but the guy's cock is never unequivocally visible and this part of the scene is essentially non-sex.
  5. Finally the vet gets mobile and meets up with Malone. They fight and Malone is killed.

This is followed by the same Bini/L'Yle/Solange sequence as in Vietnam 3 except that the included spoiler is for part 3 and the runtime shorter, at 10'18".

L'Animal Italien 2 is a condensed version comprising the following:

  • continuation of scene 4 from Vietnam Store: seconda parte, from the point at which Malone starts kissing Tracy (i.e. the end-point of L'Animal Italien 1)
  • the Karin's/Malone BJ/gun scene (Vietnam Store: seconda parte/Vietnam 3)
  • Vietnam 3 scene 3, with the watersports cut
  • the sex part of Vietnam 3 scene 4 (starting with nun Julie already naked)
  • Vietnam 4 scenes 3 to 5.

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