< La Voglia

Released: 1981
Director: Joe d'Amato as Alexandre Borsky
Notes: M.A.D. Film
Alternate Titles
  • Desire
  • Grevinnan Och Drängen
  • Villiga brudar i Milano
Notes and Reviews

Credited cast -

  • Laura Levi plays Brenda, the secretary to the marchioness
  • Francoise Perrot plays Norma
  • Pauline Teutscher plays Helen von Krutz, the marchioness

Uncredited cast -

  • Eugenio Gramignano plays Paul, the cousin of the marchioness
  • Roland Carey plays Luca, the gardener
  • Luigi Tripodi plays Sven, the passing motorist
  • Salvatore Pacileo plays Eugenio, the man who marries Norma

Thanks to Luce Rossa (Franco Grattarola and Andrea Napoli, 2014, pp. 428-9) for detailed cast information.

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