< Vampiri - prima parte

Released: 1998
Director: Max Belloccio
Alternate Titles
  • The Baron of Darkness Goldlight
  • De sang et de sexe Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Zenza Raggi plays Jean-Pierre le Grand
  • Ron Jeremy plays Edgar Bodine
  • Harry Hunter plays O'Doul
  • Remigio Zampa as Remigio plays Count Vandervolen
  • Mike Foster plays Maurince Auberge
  • Hans Nussbaum plays Leo
  • David Perry plays the man in the catacomb
  • David Goldberg plays the man in the house
  • Roberto Ucci plays the photographer
  • Thomas Slutery plays first stunt man
  • Franz Muller plays second stunt man
  • Stefan Arany plays third stunt man
  • Attila Manfredi plays first midget
  • Janos Simultechi plays second midget
  • Tunde plays third midget
  • Ferenc Sipos plays first sailor
  • Jolt Kocsics plays second sailor
  • Ivan Lakatos plays third sailor
  • Tamas Nagy plays the captain of the boat
  • Franz Muller plays second vampire in the catacomb
  • David Lako plays third vampire in the catacomb

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