< Véronica, adolescente aux goûts pervers

Released: 1980
Director: Michel Baudricourt as Michel Anthony
Notes: Zoom 24
Alternate Titles
  • Bourgeoise par devant... ..Putain par derriere!! on-screen video title Fil a Film / Rayon X
  • Goûts pervers
  • L'Immorale: Sexy e viziosa stolen or fake Italian title
  • Plaisirs alternative re-release title
  • Les Suceuses infernales re-release title
  • Véronique, adolescente aux goûts pervers
  • Alban Ceray plays a servant
  • Cyril Val brief non-sex in some edits
  • Jacques Gatteau plays the motorist whose car breaks down
  • Pjotr Stanislas archive footage
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Genevieve's husband
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Richard Allan (Richard Lemieuvre) plays Genevieve's husband
  • Alban Ceray plays Joseph the servant
  • Cyril Val plays the gardener
  • Jacques Gatteau plays the Yugoslav driver who has a car breakdown
  • Pjotr Stanislas in archive footage

Clara pays a visit to her old friend Genevieve who lives in a vast house in Normandy. Clara, who runs a brothel, helps her develop her sexual desires and unmask Genevieve's cheating husband who is a regular customer of her establishment.

Information from Skin Flick.

Notes from the Italian release, with further information from Skin Flick -

Fake title, fake credits, this Italian tape of a French film steals the credits from L'Immorale, a soft porn film directed by Claude Mulot and starring Sylvia Lamo. 'Sexy e viziosa' is in a slightly different font, but that could be a genuine addition to a genuine Italian release.

Nicole Segaud (Clara) visits Jane Baker (Genevieve) and seduces everyone in sight. Jane is masturbating in the bath (archive footage from another film) when she arrives and is ready to go in any case. Jane employs Elodie Delage as a maid and Alban Ceray as some sort of handyman. Nicole also drags in Jacques Gatteau at one point after finding him trying to fix his car and giving him a blow job. She picks up a busty brunette hitch-hiker (Sophie Guers) and takes her back to join in the fun and Richard Lemieuvre arrives bearing a briefcase and maybe trying to sell something, but it isn't long before he's dragged in to the orgy too.

There is also a dream sequence (from Dans la bouche de Sophie) where Jane Baker is in the bath and two couples (Nicole Segaud, Nadine Roussial, Pjotr Stanislas and Richard Lemieuvre) have sex on the tiles behind her.

The final orgy and some of the other sex scenes were filmed in that basement apartment, with its unconventionally employed pinball machine, which has appeared in more porn videos than Ron Jeremy, or so it seems.

'FIN' appears on the backsides of three of the girls, one letter per bum.

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