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Released: 1991
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Carol Lynn CL 1115 (VHS), Mike Hunter DVD CLC 1115
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Males -

  • Achim
  • Dietmar
  • Ertan
  • James
  • Dirk

In my opinion this is one of the best Carol Lynn movies. Most of the action takes place in the exterior of a restaurant. There are a lot of outdoor scenes but the kitchen is another good place for some steamy action.

Felina Fabre plays a reporter who gets clued in Carol's secret dreams.

In the first scene we see Carol taking a shower. She gets soaped by a young guy who looks like her willing servant. He screws her in several positions including doggy and cowgirl (reverse) before she strokes him off on her belly.

When she's got into her clothes it's time to meet Sharon (Felina Fabre) at the restaurant. The weather is fine and so they take a seat outside. There are a couple of other guests and it looks like they have just waited for Carol.

One lady immediately starts stroking a guy with her feet. He doesn't hold out for long and jerks off into her champagne flute - cheers! The same girl then gets surrounded by four guys who can hardly wait to shoot their loads on her huge boobs, though only two are seen doing so.

Another couple is screwing in the garden and even the cook takes the blonde kitchen maid from behind. After shooting his load on her dress she sucks him clean.

Meanwhile Carol orders a salad. Unfortunately the dressing is missing. But the waiter helps her out. He opens his fly and starts wanking his dick. It doesn'take long to shoot his jizz into the salad bowl - bon appetit!

Meanwhile the dishwasher is fucking the kitchen maid and Sharon is inspecting the kitchen including the cook. She looks ultra sexy in her stockings and starts taking them off. The guy must have felt the same way and starts banging her from behind. Then he moves to missionary on a table. The scene ends with Sharon taking a nice facial.

Carol gets a phone call. She has a private appointment and asks Sharon to wait for her. In a mansion she meets a grey-haired man. The guy is standing behind her. She's holding onto an iron gate while he's fingering her pussy. Then he pulls out his cock and she strokes it tenderly. Both look really sexed-up. They change position and she kneels down on the other side of the gate. "Give it to me!" she's whispering to him while he keeps on wanking. She holds her hands out towards him. He can't resist any longer and jerks off. She cleans her fingers with a tissue. Her view is really scornful. That must have been disappointing for him but she gives the orders.

When she returns no person other than Sharon can be seen. They drive away. In a seedy district they get out, together with a third girl. Carol leads them to two drunken dirty guys. The third girl sits down straddling her legs. One guy starts pissing on her bush. He wants to fuck her but can't get a hard on. Carol requests Sharon to help him. Giving him head works wonders. Now he can take the girl doggie style. Meanwhile Sharon is blowing the other guy. Then she gets fucked doggy too. Carol, the other girl and the second guy leave them alone. The guy manages to wedge his dick between her cheeks for some anal action. She finally strokes him off and does some cum licking.

This is an unconventional movie including a lot of unusual hot sex scenes. Although Carol Lynn has not much to do her dominance outshines all other characters. Felina Fabre is some kind of willing tool who loses her sense of shame quickly.


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