< Vicieuse Amandine

Released: 1976
Director: Robert Renzulli as Bob W. Sanders
Notes: Les Productions Mistral, 85 mins., Movie's VHS 81 mins., i.e. no significant cuts, Blue One two-disc DVD with La Prof' ou les plaisirs défendus, Estivantes en chaleur, Vacances sexuelles & Christina la perverse, 1 hr. 4 mins., a cut of about 16 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Französische Liebesspiele German theatrical title, Beate Uhse Filmverleih
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello plays Sylvain
  • Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan
  • Charlie Schreiner
  • Daniel Trabet

Sylvain gets off the train into some village in the Southern Alps. Quiet afternoon in the meadows? Well not exactly for he discovers - and peeps on - Ellen Earl and Richard Lemieuvre having fun inside the village's wash-house. Sylvain masturbates while watching them and leaves.

Sylvain turns out to be some sort of simpleton working on a farm, who refuses to speak to Ingrid d'Eve when she tries to start a conversation. He obviously has a grudge against women. At night we see him follow a nice brunette fetching water at the fountain. He lays a hand on her and calls her a whore when she reacts badly to it.

One day, when delivering a chicken to her, he meets Amandine (Ellen Earl) who tells him she is an American living in Paris (some clue for her biography here?). He dashes off although her welcoming had been more than hearty. Definitely a simpleton! When later he discovers her naked and masturbating alone by a tree (which is the most obvious thing for a lonely foreigner on holliday to do), he runs by her side and joins her for a little jerk off - that ends between the beautiful American's fingers and onto her thigh. Well, not so dumb after all!

In the evening, spying on her through her window, he can see her having a threesome with Richard Lemieuvre, a blonde and a banana.

We can then see him back to work in the fields for a very long five-minute pseudo documentary about his daily life. During break, he spots Ingrid d'Eve entering a barn and joins her, paying a fondling and kissing tribute to her ass while she's on the ladder. Then they make it in the hay and she declares she had been waiting for it for so long.

Walking along the road he is accosted by motorist Elisabeth Buré who asks him the way to the main road and suggests he comes in the car to show her (she'll drive him back afterwards). Of course the girl feels hot and decides to stop by the road to get rid of some parts of her clothing and of course Sylvain takes his little portable hose to help her cooldown. A very young Elisabeth Buré who speaks out her desires in nasty words, this time - and that's rare enough to be mentioned - in direct sound. Sylvain discovers the joys of ass-fucking.

A little like Mary Shelley's creature, Sylvain walks on from one scene to the other. This time he comes upon an orgy in a barn. A blonde is brought forth by two men to be fucked by a third. They are then joined by Mrs. Lemieuvre and that vicious out-of-nowhere Amandine.

On his way back from the barn, he follows Amandine also riding a bicycle. She must have noticed him for she stops in some secluded spot where he soon joins her for ... (Well, we all knew this was going to happen. And it did!) They make in on the grass as a thunderstorm is nearing, as can be heard in the background.

The following day, Amandine is waiting for her train. One last close shot on that beautiful face. And she's gone.

The film ends on Sylvain and Ingrid d'Eve on a horse-drawn cart fading away towards the horizon of their future life. What would this world be without a touch of poetry ? Well just groping and fucking. What a hell!!!

Dare I say that this last scene seems to hint at the jerk being better off in the end than he was at the beginning? (That was supposed to be a cheap attempt at a pun. My past studies on Shakespeare may have left some marks! But let's not dwell on the subject.)


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