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Released: 1983
Director: Olivier Mathot as Oliver Mato
Notes: Cinévog, visa no. 57384
Alternate Titles
  • Eccitanti e perverse Italian - credits are fake, title may be too, possibly stolen from the Italian release of Femmes par derrière
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jacky Arnal, as Jacky Jacques, plays the incestuous brother
  • Christophe Clark, as Christophe, plays the butler
  • Olivier Mathot, uncredited as an actor, plays the priest, brief, non-sex

Two nuns in blue habits walk through a town, one carrying a suitcase. They go to what may be intended to be a bishop's palace. The black maid lets them in and goes to inform the host of their arrival. She listens at the door and decides not to go in. In the bedroom Cathy Stewart is sitting on Jacky Arnal's face. A few minutes later one of the nuns (the blonde one) also listens at the door and masturbates.

Later Jacky Arnal comes down to meet the nuns, dressed in a red robe. He forces them to sit in revealing positions and then ties them to their chairs and has sex with them. He gets blown by the blonde and has full sex with the brunette. They are discovered by Cathy Stewart who attacks the nuns and then uses a dildo on herself.

Then the maid masturbates in front of the butler, but he turns his attention to another girl (a brunette, not a nun) who comes into the room. He has sex with her while the maid looks on.

The final orgy develops. First Jacky Arnal with the two now naked nuns. Cathy Stewart joins them, then Christophe and the maid, and finally the other brunette, who ends up taking a DP.

Finally the two 'nuns' dress in their normal clothes prior to leaving and the blonde winks at the camera.

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