< Veuve et nymphomane

Released: 1980
Director: Jean-Claude Stromme and/or Georges Guéret
Notes: France, Les Productions du Thar / Impex, 80 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Au plaisirs des veuves video title
  • Belle erotiche maliziose Italy
  • Viens jouir chérie 1983, Dir. miscredited to Mike Strong re-release
  • Gabriel Pontello
  • Gilbert Servien
  • John Oury
  • Richard Lemieuvre
Notes and Reviews

Viens jouir cherie is used as a subititle to a 1983 Cinevog video with the main title Au dela du plaisir.

This Italian video of a French film uses credits stolen from an American film - L. Thatcher (Lysa Thatcher), A. Lake (Arcadia Lake), E. Edwards (Eric Edwards), regia Jeffery Fairbanks. Females are Christine Lodes (probably), Dominique Saint Claire (briefly, could even be inserted from another film), four unidentified brunettes, one unidentified blonde.

Males -

  • Gilbert Servien
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • John Oury
  • Gabriel Pontello
  • two men in black hoods

The film begins with Servien in a forest, squatting under a tree and screaming. Then it cuts to his death bed - he lies on the bed, but also perches in the rafters, presumably as a ghost. Lemieuvre and Oury stand by the bed, a blonde (Lodes, presumably his widow) sits by the bed crying, a brunette sits apart. Suddenly the blonde takes off her dress (she is naked underneath) and demands sex from the two men. The brunette watches, masturbates and then joins in. A foursome ensues including DP for Lodes (probably body doubled). At one point Lodes gives a blow job to the supposed corpse.

Then the ghost seems to have flashbacks to his former life including approaching a farmhouse, where it seems that Dominique Saint Claire is having sex with two men in black hoods. But this scene is abruptly cut and may not have anything to do with the rest of the film. Servien comes upon a blonde and brunette having lesbian sex on the lawn. He joins in and uses dildos on them before they make him participate more actively, the blonde sitting on his face.

Another flashback sees him driving a brunette to visit Gabriel Pontello. He waits outside while she has sex with Pontello, including them both pissing into a glass beer mug, and she apparently drinking some of the contents. Another brunette joins in. Finally Servien looks through a window, sees what's going on and leaves, so that when the brunette comes out, she has to walk home. End.

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