< Vienna Connection

Released: c. 2000
Director: Dolly Buster
Notes: DBM Dolly Buster the Lady Publisher, DB8509, released on DVD in 2003 as "DBM Classics 17" (DDBM17) with Line Up
Alternate Titles
  • Dolly Buster the Lady Publisher 9 - Vienna Connection
Notes and Reviews

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Males -

  • Paul Gregorius plays a friend of Eva and Klaus
  • Rene Baar, as RenĂ© Bar, plays Klaus, the boyfriend of Eva
  • Ronny Manfredo plays a tourist in Vienna
  • Yves Baillat plays Robert Falk, the father of Eva


  1. Jeanny Bee [solo]
  2. Sabine Merlin and Rene Baar [bj, vaginal]
  3. Janine Miramas and Ronny Manfredo [bj]
  4. Janine Miramas, Jeanny Bee and Yves Baillat [lesbian, vaginal fisting, bj, vaginal, anal, facial for Janine]
  5. Princess Peggy, Sabine Merlin, Paul Gregorius and Rene Baar [vaginal fisting for Sabine, anal fisting for Princess Peggy, bj, vaginal, anal for Princess Peggy, facial for Sabine]
  6. Grit Kempinksi and Yves Baillat [bj, vaginal, anal]


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