< I Vlachi epimenoun ellinika

Released: 1984
Director: Thanassis Kaspiris as Nassos Spyris (Berto)
Notes: Greece, Norma Film, c. 87 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Pour la première fois, mieux vaut faire çà par derrière
Notes and Reviews

In the original Greek VHS version, the following performers are credited: Kostas Samaras, Elina Savva, Marialena Kosmaki, Yorgos Biziropoulos, Rena Vouta, Stavros Pountzos, Lila Perou, Yannis Petrakis, Zoï Charopoulou & Takis Pelios. The large majority of these are fake credits, corresponding to “invented names”, having less than nothing to do with the performers’ identity. Overall, eight females and seven males do appear, all of them taking part in the sex scenes.

Males include -

  • Kostas Samaras, presented as the Greek “George (!!) Holmes”
  • Pavlos Karanikolas, uncredited
  • Alexis Metaxas, uncredited


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