< Vizio di forma

Released: 2009
Director: Andrea Brancati
Notes: PigItalia, 'Trasgressioni italiane' series
Alternate Titles
  • Italienische Versuchung Magma
  • Trasgressioni italiane - vizio d forma
Notes and Reviews

Three vignettes, notes by Len801:

  1. La Donna delle pulizie. Alissa, Pierre DJ, Gianni Fiore. Cleaning lady Alissa is working in an office; she gets bored and accesses a porn-site on the computer, sits at a desk and begins to masturbate. The male whom the office belongs to arrives and he catches her in the act. He forces her into giving him a blow job under threat of dismissal. They are surprised by their boss (Pierre); he fires Fiore (it was not the first incident) and tells him to leave. But for the girl he has other plans, and he has sex with her. She is very skinny (almost anorexic) with small, droopy breasts and pale skin. BJ, vaginal sex in a variety of positions near and top of a desk and a ladder, he jerks off over her tongue,
  2. Vizio di Forma. Valeria, Marco Nero.
  3. Il mio Giardiniere. Jessica, Pierre DJ.

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