< La Villa des passions secrètes

Released: 1983
Director: Henri Sala as Ken Warren
Notes: Les Films Gais et en Couleurs, 88 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Heisse Partyspiele Dir. given as Claude Oliver on cover Germany, Videorama 01012
  • Parle à mon c... ma chatte est malade
Notes and Reviews

Credited males -

  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays Baret (Claude in German version)
  • Gianni Vallone, as Frederic Laffy, plays Alban
  • David Zigh
  • V Bigalke as Jürgen Damien

This is some kind of porn thriller.

Claude (Jean-Pierre Armand) tries to get rid of his brother's girlfriend Aurelie. They once had a love affair but now she's in danger because she knows too much about his machinations.

At the beginning we see him looking through a window. Aurelie, a brunette with a quite pretty face and medium-sized breasts, is laying on the bed with a dick in her mouth. After a short missionary fuck she gets her face splattered in cum.

Claude hires a contract killer to do the job. From an attic flat he gets a clear aim at his target. But who could kill a girl with a dildo in her pussy? Holding a rifle in his hand he watches the nude girl sunbathing in a deckchair enjoying herself with a dildo and a tea spoon. He leaves the flat and enters her house but can't find her anywhere.

From a telephone box located at a picturesque harbour he calls Claude to tell him that he's unable to do the job. Claude answers him that it's not now necessary to do so, but he should keep on investigating her. Then Claude bangs his girlfriend Helga, a blonde woman with curly hair. He pulls out and shoots a big load all over her flat belly.

Meanwhile the killer finds Aurelie drunk in her deckchair and carries her over to his flat. He can't resist and fucks the senseless girl missionary before he strokes his dick between her boobs until thick streams of jizz cover her belly.

Helga finds the helpless girl and they start caressing each other. The two girls then get invited to a costume party where the guests wear white masks. A masked girl sitting on a sofa pulls out her neighbor's cock and starts fondling it. The guy takes her doggy and unloads thick streams of jizz on her back. Helga gets penetrated on a staircase. One girl sucks a guy who cums on her thigh. Another cutie is pulled to the standing position until her thigh gets coated with sperm.

Meanwhile Claude investigates Aurelie's room. He's looking for a film roll which belongs to her and finally picks it up. He's now determined to kill her and makes an appointment with her at the harbour. There he pulls out a pistol and fires at her. Then he drives away with Helga in a car. On a cliff he confesses to her to murder. Which girl would give such a guy a blowjob? Helga does! He fucks her missionary and in the standing position until he spurts a load on her belly. Meanwhile his brother has found the lifeless girl and taken her home. She's still alive.

The story ends abruptly.

Not too bad but just an average film with average girls and a plot which is sometimes confusing. The landscape is picturesque and the location looks like Portugal. Lisboa (Lisbon) is also mentioned in the dialogue.


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