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Released: 1982
Director: Michel Jean
Notes: DVD Ribu
Alternate Titles
  • Hard Penetrations French cinema release
  • Hôtesses très intimes French video release
  • Parfums de lingeries intimes title of Blue One DVD (1 hr 7½ mins.) with Hôtesses très spéciales and Les Patientes du gynecologue
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Christian
  • Alban Ceray plays Alban
    • Cathy Stewart appears at the start and end as a streetwalker rejected by Christian.

      Christian and Alban are in financial trouble. Rhey rent a house and set up as male prostitutes to earn some money. But first we see Alban with his wife (or girlfriend, Dorle Buchner), by far the best-looking female in the film, brunette, page boy, who could well be NK0408 on bgafd.

      Once they have set up shop, the first client (XNK0439) is a brunette who seems to want to have sex while on the phone. Client 2 is another brunette (XNK0440) who wants to masturbate while Alban watches and masturbates as well. Client 3 is Christine Black with her hair pulled back. She wants to be photographed while having sex. Client 4 is a short haired and familiar blonde (XNK0441) with a small dog. She has sex with Christian beginning in the bath. Client 5 is Uschi Karnat who arrives with Client 1 for a foursome. Client 6 is a tall slim blonde (XNK0442) who wants anal and DPP.

      Then Alban returns to his wife for another session and Christian spurns Cathy Stewart again in the street.

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