< Wham Bam Ibiza

Released: 2007
Director: Macondo
Notes: Daring
Notes and Reviews

Passable sun-n'-sex effort marred a little by choppy editing and chauvinistic ego: "starring Olivier Sanchez" - and only 'featuring' the female cast. Daring, please note: the girls are the stars, the males merely stunt-cocks. Why do you think we watch these films? If Macondo's intent was to make the viewer want to punch Sanchez, he succeeded - within only the first few minutes. There's far too much of this bromancey homophilic mooning-over-the-boys crap from barely-trained directors of modern smut.

There's a particular application of the general rule that actors shouldn't be allowed to express opinions, as this always shows them to be rather stupid: here, it's that pornistas shouldn't talk at all, lest the viewer be amazed that they're walking on two legs rather than four.

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