< Weekend in Bologna

Released: 1997
Director: Christophe Clark
Notes: Private Gaia 3
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Synopsis courtesy Private

Three Hungarian girls go on a short vacation to Bologna, aboard a mini-bus. When they're close to Bologna, the girls ask the driver to stop for some coffee. While the girls are having their second cup of coffee, they realize the driver has taken off with the bus, their luggage and their money! Fortunately, it doesn't take them very long to meet a guy (Eros) who invites them to spend the night at his place. They accept his offer, but know they can't stay there forever. One of the girls suggests that they earn some money to make this vacation enjoyable. They meet up with three other girlfriends that have just arrived in Bologna, and the six girls rent an apartment. This apartment is meant for business ... The film is loaded with eight hot scenes including a spicy orgy.

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