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Released: 1980
Director: Yavuz Figenli as Yavuz Özfigen
Notes: Turkey, Barlik Film
Alternate Titles
  • Yilan Soyu
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Turgut Özatay plays Selim (non-sex)
  • Ergun Akerman plays Kâzim, Selim's chauffeur
  • Çetin Basaran plays Ahmet, the farmhand

Leyla is married to wealthy landowner Selim. Her husband rejects her advances because of his impotency and she starts an affair with Kâzim. Meanwhile, butler's daughter Gülsüm is literally 'fucking around' on the farm and Leyla succesfully recruits her for a lesbian initiation. Leyla is not one to content herself with Kâzim and she also has sex with macho Ahmet, which makes Kâzim extremely jealous. It is soon revealed that Selim has been purposefully rejecting his wife to push her to other men and ensure a divorce to marry his mistress Jale. Leyla continues ignoring Kâzim's warnings to stop seeing Ahmet. One day, he grows enraged and murders both Ahmet and Leyla, later killing himself. All her lovers gone, Gülsüm blames Selim for the outcome and kills him. The gendarmerie come and take Gülsüm away.

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