< La Zia Svedese

Released: 1980
Director: Mario Siciliano
Alternate Titles
  • Blonde Muschi sucht steifen Schwanz West Germany, Dreamland
  • Hot Nights
  • My Swedish Aunt Australia video title
  • The Other Woman USA
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Giovanni Tamberi, as Peter Thompson, plays Marco
  • Giuseppe Curia plays Alberto, the gardener
  • Erminio Bianchi Fasani, as Erminio Bianchi, plays Riccardo, the doctor
  • Giuseppe Cardone

I have the Italian release; so cannot follow the plot precisely, but it seems that Marina Frajese's older husband goes on a business trip to New York and Marina gets up to all sorts with friends (Patrizia Predan and Sandra Cardinale) and staff while he is away. At the same time her nephew is sent to stay with her as some sort of punishment (!) by his puritanical mother (Guia Lauri Filzi). He and Marina are attracted to each other and eventually have sex (after he has turned to the housekeepr in frustration). The mother follows her son and faints on entering the house when her first sight is of Marina being fucked on the floor (this might be by her nephew, but it is difficult to tell) while three women dance around and one of her friends gives the gardener a blow job. However, eventually the mother gets turned on, lets her hair down (literally) and has it away with her doctor.

There is plenty of visible oral sex, but the vaginal penetration is shot in such a way that body doubles could have been used, but this may be one case where this is down to poor camerawork. Otherwise the direction is excellent as the slow build up to sex between Marina and her nephew is very erotic.

Further information from Johan Melle -

The English-dubbed version of this film is softcore (and with the title My Swedish Aunt). Interestingly, the English soft version has lots of footage not present in the Italian hard version. There are many more dialogue scenes that develop the plot further, but there are also additional sex scenes that appear to have been shot soft - most notably when the nephew, Marco, has sex with Alice in the car. Another important addition is a sub-plot with Marco's mother, who - after being cured of her repulsion for sex - falls in love with the doctor and plans to marry him. However, she is paid a visit by a woman who tells her that she is the doctor's wife and so the poor mother's dream of happiness is crushed. The woman who plays the doctor's wife is uncredited and has no sex scenes or nudity. She is seen only in the English soft version.

It is also interesting to note that "Peter Thompson" who plays the nephew, Marco, is actually a pseudonym for Giovanni Tamberi, an actor who was otherwise seen only in non-pornographic films (though he did appear alongside Marina Hedman again in the soft comedy La compagna di viaggio, made the same year as this film). He appears to be using a body double for the vaginal penetration scenes with Marina but it is definitely Tamberi himself getting a hardcore blowjob from Marina later in the film.

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