< Zur Sache Vötzchen

Released: 1977
Director: Hans Billian
Notes: 21 mins, on Love Video Club Magazin 5 and Tabu DVd Hasen von San Franzisco / Zur Sache Vötzchen / Sex-Spion
Alternate Titles
  • Love Film 670 - Zur Sache Votzchen
Notes and Reviews

Hans Billian's small masterpiece shows us how humorous and lighthearted a lot of 70s porn movies were. This one has a very 'familiar', even loving, atmosphere which is light years away from today's digital 'high-end' porn with its sterile look.

This 20-minute loop is set in a crowded cafe. Ellen (lovely Sylvia Engelmann) enters the scene and is welcomed by her girlfriend Christine, who's already waiting for her. She orders a cup of coffee and some strawberry cake. Christine is rather astonished and asks her if she doesn't attend to her weight, but Ellen only answers: "My tits do not grow any longer". The other customers find this conversation quite interesting, but it gets much more exciting.

Ellen unpacks some nice panties she has bought. The waitress arrives and tells her that she wears the same. Ellen raises the waitress's skirt to prove it. The two girlfriends start undressing and continue talking about sex, giving the astonished audience an impression of their masturbation techniques.

Unfortunately Ellen is a little bit shy and shameful about cocksucking but a little help from her girlfriend makes things much easier. The male guests are very kind and allow her private lessons.

Then she's bent over the dining table getting a fuck fom behind while Christine sinks another guy's dick into her hole. Positions are changed with Christine licking the waitress. Next the waitress drops down to the floor where she's fucked in the spoon position. Christine takes a cowgirl ride and Ellen jerks off a guy on her tits.

After the room has emptied except for the girls they seem to be terrified. They ask themselves (and the spectator) how this could happen and beg pardon. You are forgiven!


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