< Caligola: La storia mai raccontata

Released: 1981
Director: Joe d'Amato as David Hills (in reality Carl Davinson, credited only in the English version)
Notes: Cinema 80, soft and hard versions at various lengths up to 125 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Caligula II: The Forbidden Story
  • Caligula II: The Untold Story Kult Video DVD, a much more complete version of the same film at 2 hrs 5 mins
  • Caligula: The Untold Story 1 hr 44 mins
  • Emperor Caligula
  • Emperor Caligula: The Garden of Taboo
  • The Emperor Caligula: The Untold Story
  • L'Imperatore Caligula
Notes and Reviews

Though mostly softcore, the film also contains a few rather long sequences of hardcore.

Several women are recruited to entertain the senators and other important people at a big party but first there is a scene where they are rounded up and have to prove that they've all got what it takes. One platinum blonde named Lavinia (played by Nadine Roussial) is instructed to work her magic on a young Greek slave and she proceeds to give him a long explicit blow-job and then moves on to (softcore) sex while the other girls masturbate as they watch the show.

The remainder of the hardcore stuff is saved for the lengthy party/orgy scene. The senators are caressing and fondling the girls as they get turned on by watching a bloody gladiator fight. Then an overweight woman is brought in and masturbates a horse (it's basically the infamous horse scene from D'Amato's earlier Emanuelle in America all over again - only more graphic this time). The horse show seems to really get all the guests going as the party erupts into one big orgy with couples going at it all over the place. The female hardcore performers are all uncredited but they are made up of all the usual suspects from early 1980s hardcore cinema: Sabrina Mastrolorenzi, Pauline Teutscher, Laura Levi and Nadine Roussial. Sabrina and Nadine are mostly doing blow-jobs - including a lengthy session with a dwarf - whereas Pauline and Laura get into some fucking as well. Laura gets it on with Mark Shanon and later with a black man. There are also two other noteworthy females included in the orgy: a young, sweet blonde and a slightly chubby short-haired brunette. Both these girls are seen interacting with the hardcore performers - especially the blonde, who is kissing and caressing Laura Levi as Levi is getting fucked from behind by Mark Shanon - but they do not actually perform any hardcore themselves. The short-haired brunette later appeared in the Ajita Wilson Women in Prison flick Detenute violente, a.k.a. Hell Penitentiary (1983), where she also is seen doing explicit softcore sex scenes. Laura Gemser too is present during the hardcore scenes but she is only observing and not participating.

This is based on the 125 minute German DVD. In this version, Didi Franks, Donatella Down, Giorgia Williams, Jessica Lopez, Joan McKoy and Ulla Luna are not credited.

Johan Melle

For further information see Franco Grattarola & Andrea Napoli, Luce Rossa. La nascita e le prime fasi del cinema pornografico italiano, Roma: Ed. Iacobelli, 2014, pp. 278-280.

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