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Released: 1987
Director: Antonio d'Agostino as Richard Bennett
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Christophe Clark as Christophe Grosso
  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Roberto Malone as Robert Malone
  • others unidentified

At the end Jessica Stehl's credit has a typo - Sthel.

At least one other brunette is unaccounted for as well as various males.

Karin Schubert, Marina Frajese, Jessica Stehl, a cute blonde (Denise Dior) and a brunette (presumably Anna Petrovna) are sitting around a coffee table relating tales of their sexy adventures. A man listens at the door.

Marina tells of being gang banged by four men wearing gas masks - another brunette is involved in this scene too.

Jessica Stehl tells of having sex with Christophe in the garden then in bed (anal).

Then the brunette tells of walking in on another brunette kneeling in front of a queue of naked men (including Jean-Pierre Armand) giving them blowjobs. She joins in and it then proceeds beyond blow jobs.

Karin Schubert tells of seducing the two gardeners by lying naked on the bed and masturbating in front of an open French window. One is Jean-Pierre Armand. After a facial and Jean-Pierre cumming over her pussy, she is left with Christophe.

The cute blonde, however, won't tell a story and she leaves the room.

Marina steps into the breach and we see her being taken from behind doggy style over a bed while trying to give simultaneous blow jobs to three men. Jessica Stehl hears the noise and comes to watch, then goes into the room to help out.

It all gets too much for the eavesdropper who goes away, dresses in drag and goes to join the hen party.

The next flashback we see is of Jessica Stehl reading in bed and hearing the noise from next door where a brunette (Giusy Bella) is having sex with Jean-Pierre Armand. She goes to join in.

The girls haven't been fooled by the drag artist and an orgy begins. Two gardeners (Jean-Pierre Armand is one) approach from outside, come in and join in. The cute blonde returns, cannot find a away to get involved; so she masturbates in an arm chair and then beckons to the dog ...

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