< Yimno Fotomodelo

Released: 1978
Director: Omiros Efstratiadis
Notes: Greece, erotic/porn romance/thriller. G. D. [= Gregory Dimitropoulos] Films, soft version, c. 84 mins. Greek VHS release Greek Erotic Films (No 105). Greek DVD release New Star. A version 100 mins. long may exist. English translation: 'Naked photomodel'.
Alternate Titles
  • Anomala thilika Greek hard version (fake credits: director Nassos Spyris & Elite Films production), c. 73 mins. English translation: 'Perverted Females'.
  • Fotomodelo alternative title of Greek soft version
  • Gimno fotomodelo alternative rendering in the Roman alphabet
  • Gymno fotomodello
  • Neaniko Sex alternative title (VHS only) of Greek hard version. English translation: 'Juvenile Sex'.
  • Sweet Sexual Awakening UK title? (Or may be the UK title of another film by this director.)
  • The Young Tycoon Title for international release of soft version.
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Yiorgos Gindis, as George Yindis, plays Pavlos Dellis
  • Haris Trifonas, as Harry Trifonas, plays Werner
  • Dimitris Tsaftaridis, as Takis Tsaft, plays Harris
  • Chris Theo, plays Morgan, a company’s shareholder
  • Christos (as Chris) Nomikos, plays a common friend of Tina & Pavlos (non-sex role)
  • Theo Xanthis, plays Timothy, the butler/servant of Dellis (non-sex role)
  • Costas Papachristos, as Costas Pappas, plays police commissioner Dimitriou (non-sex role)
  • Petros Kirimis, uncredited, plays the other company’s shareholder (non-sex role)

The order of appearance of the sex scenes, given in bold below, refers to the order in which they appear in the hardcore version. Three do not appear in the soft core version, to which the plot summary corresponds, and are therefore described in the section beginning P. S. with a further explanation of this anomaly.

Plot Summary -

Pavlos Dellis is a young ship-owner, extremely dynamic both as a businessman and as a womanizer. While inspecting the shipyards of Piraeus, he tries to extort from two major shareholders of his company (Morgan and Kirimis) the transfer of their shares to himself. Otherwise, he’ll do everything in his power to ruin the shipping company. Morgan is quite reluctant and seems to be expecting something to happen. Indeed, shortly after, we see a con-man on a swivel crane, aiming at Dellis. He shoots at him, but unsuccessfully. Dellis’s bodyguards start pursuing him, the police are also summoned. They finally manage to kill him. Lying in ambush, young Harris (probably an accomplice) informs his bosses of the news. The young tycoon is still alive.

In a hotel resort at Porto Hydra (in Peloponnesus), sexy Tina walks by the pool. She is being watched by Morgan from the balcony of Dellis’s hotel room. Dellis tries to dispel Morgan’s doubts, proposing that he delay his scheduled trip to London, in order to have some sexy fun with two blonde call-girls. His butler Timothy will take care of the details. He phones Werner, the co-owner of a photo-model (actually, a call-girl) agency. Werner is taking some sexy photo shots of Samantha, his blonde companion in both work and life. She is tired of still being a model and suggests that they share their common profits from the business, and split up. She even confesses to being in love with somebody else. They both decide to send their rich client two sexy call-girls, Marie and Gloria. Back at the hotel, Tina sunbathes topless. She later notices the visit of both call-girls, guided by Timothy to Dellis’s room. [The detailed sex-scene between Dellis, Morgan, Marie and Gloria can be seen only in the film’s hardcore version. It’s a group scene, lasting approx. 14 mins, that is partly filmed in parallel, though both friends don’t swap partners. (First sex scene: Dellis fucks his blonde partner in cowgirl, missionary and standing missionary positions, cumming inside her, while Morgan fucks his dark-blonde haired partner in cowgirl and brief missionary positions, although their coupling is interrupted and characterized by some heavy foreplay, including blowjob, body licking after she pours champagne all over him and ass-fingering of the girl. Some of the close-ups of Dellis’s scene are most certainly fake, originating from the film Erotiki teleti, actually parts of Chr. Nomikos’s couplings with Angela Stamou.)]

Harris looks for Samantha in a cabin hideout in the woods. She is inside the house, but won’t reply to him. He insists and she finally meets with him. They are in love, but Samantha suggests that they break up, since Werner will never let her go. Meanwhile, Morgan and Tina meet while they are both taking a horse-ride by the sea-shore. They know each other probably from London. We find out that she is the daughter of another wealthy ship-owner, on incognito vacation in Greece. He offers to take her dancing later that evening. She accepts, but Morgan never shows up. In some kind of open bar-restaurant, Tina listens to Greek music and has dinner with Christos Nomikos (playing a common friend of hers and Dellis). She is curious about Dellis and Nomikos reassures her of Dellis’ toughness in business. She would like to meet him, but finds out that the young tycoon hates meeting other gala people. In fact, at this same time he is bound to have another assignation in his hotel room with a brown (chestnut)-haired call-girl. Tina returns to her (neighbouring) hotel room, and listens to the sexual encounter of Dellis with the girl. [The sex-scene between Dellis and this girl is also to be seen in detail only in the film’s hardcore version. In this scene, lasting more than 7 minutes, Tina is always shown in parallel, eavesdropping on the sexual encounter and touching herself against the wall. (Second sex scene: after some foreplay and good blowjob, Dellis fucks his partner in very energetic missionary position, cumming in her mouth.)] Tina gets sexually aroused, takes some roses and caresses herself. After sex, Dellis contemptuously throws the money to the call-girl and asks Timothy to make her disappear.

The following day, Tina takes a bath and horse rides on the beach, totally naked, whereas Werner takes photos of various models in the picturesque small port of Zea (in Piraeus). Harris is hidden, trying to locate Samantha, who makes an appearance with a black wig. At the hotel, Morgan finally signs the papers for transfer of the shares and has a drink with Dellis. He confesses to being aware of the attempted murder of Dellis, suggesting that he refrain from suing the other shareholders in London. Dellis replies he will deal with all of them in the future.

In Athens’s Plaka quarter, Harris is following Samantha. He confesses to being in love with her and that he has rented a small house for them to have sex. She reluctantly follows him there. They both give each other penetrating looks. During the sexual foreplay, she discovers that he carries a gun. He confesses his involvement in Dellis’s attempted murder, possibly trying to get some money, in order to save her from Werner and to elope together abroad. He was planning to keep it all a secret, had things worked out better. [They proceed to some love-making that can only be seen, relatively briefly (3 mins), in the film’s hardcore version. (Fourth sex scene: after some foreplay, including some serious pussy licking, Harris fucks Samantha quite aggressively in the missionary position, most probably cumming inside her.)]

For her part, Tina continues following Dellis’s moves. We have a passing glance of him in bed with the blonde call-girl from the first group sex scene (actually this originates from this same scene, being merely an excerpt), and of another visit at the shipyard. Later on, in his room, Dellis reads a magazine with Samantha on its cover. He orders Timothy to get him this girl, finding out from him that she also belongs to “Werner’s collection”. Timothy phones Werner. [With respect to the order of appearance of the sex scenes in this film’s hardcore version, Werner has supposedly also had a heated sex scene in his photo studio with the above-mentioned blonde call-girl from the first group sex scene. Although this scene, lasting more than 4 mins, is not at all included in the softcore version of the film, it most certainly originates from some parallel shooting. (Fifth sex scene: Werner fucks the blonde girl very athletically in the missionary position on his studio’s couch, most probably cumming inside her)]. Meanwhile, Samantha again meets with Harris. She empties her bag, carrying all the existing money in their joint bank account with Werner, which she just withdrew. They agree to meet tomorrow at the airport and leave the country. But she has little luck, since Werner phones to inform her of the scheduled fuck-date with Dellis. Werner admits he didn’t want her to “work” any more, but she must do it one last time, because they shouldn’t let down such a good client. To Harris’s dismay, she agrees, not wanting to give Werner any cause for suspicion.

Later on, Samantha arrives at the hotel for her date, but Tina, pretending to be Dellis’s secretary, informs her that he had a last-minute problem and had to call it off, dissuading her from going to his hotel room. Samantha leaves, and Tina takes her place. She presents herself to Dellis, who despite realising that there has been a “swap”, is immediately attracted to her. They have a heated encounter, of both verbal and physical nature, finally proceeding to some nice love-making, intercut with scenes of them running half-naked at night by the sea. (The sex scene between Dellis and Tina, of a good overall 10 mins duration, can be seen in detail only in the film’s hardcore version. This sixth sex scene is for the most part a soft-core scene, consisting mostly of some nice foreplay. The 5 mins hardcore footage is most certainly fake, originating from the film Erotiki teleti, actually parts of Chr. Nomikos’s couplings with both Maria Konsta and Angela Stamou, including anal penetration.) Next morning, Dellis admits that he would like to meet her again tomorrow, but she refuses, adopting the extremely cynical behaviour of an escort. Frustrated, she plans to leave next day for the island of Mykonos.

At the airport, Samantha never shows up, while Harris soon discovers that the police have been summoned about his getaway plans. Despite his efforts, he eventually gets arrested. Meanwhile, at his office, Dellis has a visit from Police Commissioner Dimitriou, who questions him about his visit from Samantha the previous night, finally revealing that she was murdered. They have found evidence that she was scheduled to meet him. The tycoon admits her visit and is driven to the morgue, in order to proceed to identify the corpse. In a state of shock and cold sweat, he is relieved to find out that the dead body belongs to the ‘real’ cover girl Samantha and not to the girl he has spent the night with. For the first time, he tells the Police Commissioner the whole truth about the other girl, but Dimitriou requests that until further new evidence, he should not leave the country. Later on, Werner is also interrogated; he seems surprised to learn about Samantha’s murder. In Mykonos, Tina admits to a friend of hers, that she is in love with Dellis and soon after reads in the newspaper about his alleged involvement in crime. Dellis visits Werner, intending to check out his portfolio of models, in order to verify the identity of the girl who took Samantha’s place in his bed, but he doesn’t find any clue. Back to the police, the Commissioner interrogates butler Timothy about his boss’s private life. He admits that in these last few weeks, he has slept with call girls Marie, Gloria, Deppie and Samantha. Then, all of sudden Tina arrives at Dimitriou’s office and testifies to being the other woman to have spent the night with Dellis, also confessing that she has watched Samantha leaving the hotel resort accompanied by Werner. She gives Dellis an alibi, but wants secrecy and discretion in return. The Police will do everything to protect the rich girl’s reputation.

At the photo studio, Werner has just spent some time in bed with the brown (chestnut)-haired call-girl from the second sex-scene with Dellis. (Judging from the cut, it is highly possible that a hardcore scene has been shot here, but there is no trace of it, at least in the hardcore version.) He confesses to her that he knew all about the money’s withdrawal from Samantha, as he has received a phone call from the bank. The girl teases him about the “lost” money. In anger, he slaps her, warning her not to reveal a thing to anyone. In exchange, he is willing to offer her the place that Samantha holds both in his bed and in his business. Soon after, the Police Commissioner pays him a visit, and confronts him with the reality. The police have solved the mystery; they know that he committed the crime. Werner admits his guilt, claiming however that it was not a crime, but an accident. Dimitriou informs Dellis that he is no longer suspected. In contempt, the tycoon says he’ll read the whole story in the papers. Back to the hotel, he meets with Tina and immediately tries to make a date with her. She refuses, but he insists that she should quit escorting, in order to become his sole secretary-escort and offers her a great deal of money. She systematically keeps on bargaining and raising the price, he tears his cheque and she finally promises to give him her answer to his proposition tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Police take Werner to a mountain near Athens for the reconstruction of the crime. In flashback, we see him telling Samantha that he knows everything about her plot, and that he just wants his money back. They argue heatedly, as she claims that she deserved it all, being at the same time the real pimp and the whore, having used him only as a cover and for protection! He insists, but she makes him even more angry, when revealing that her boyfriend had already left the country with all the money. He slaps her and beats her, eventually pushing her so that she gets impaled on some kind of post. (Here we get a “beautiful” Joe-d’Amato-like exploitation “gore” scene). He repeats to the police that, in his opinion, her death was accidental. Then, he takes advantage of the police’s clumsiness and escapes. It’s only temporary, though, and he finally gets busted, bursting into tears.

Back to his hotel room, Dellis is informed by his butler, that Tina was no call-girl, but one of his kind. He has recognised her at the police station and was able to confirm it, by searching in some gala photo-albums. He tells Dellis that in some hour’s time she will participate in the launch ceremony of a new ship of her father’s in the shipyards of Piraeus. Dellis meets her there and urges her to give him the long-awaited answer. She asks him to name the price and the duration of their collaboration. He answers “1000 kisses” and “for a whole life”, and they fall into each other's arms. The film ends with a nice image of the naked couple at the beach.

P.S. The somewhat bizarre descriptions (included above in brackets) of the hardcore scenes relate exclusively to their order of appearance in the hardcore version of the film (Anomala Thilika or Neaniko Sex), in an effort to present the whole plot coherently. In the hardcore version, eight sex scenes are shown overall. Five of them (the first, second, fourth, fifth and sixth, described above), of an approximate duration of 32 mins, most certainly originate from footage shot in parallel to the softcore production. This means, that an allegedly 'complete' version of this film, should have, by some calculations, a duration of c. 105 minutes!

For the other three scenes, all involving male actor Haris Trifonas (who plays Werner in the movie), one has to be more doubtful:

  • In the (as presented) third sex scene, we get a brief look (lasting less than 2 mins) of Trifonas getting a nice blowjob from a brunette [or is it the brown (chestnut)-haired call-girl from the second sex-scene with Dellis?];
  • The (as presented) seventh sex scene also involves Trifonas and probably the dark-blonde haired girl that fucked with Morgan in the first group sex scene. Despite some passionate kissing at first, Tryfonas gives a somewhat sleazy performance, proceeding later to an extremely aggressive missionary fucking of the girl. He then slaps her, tries even to strangle her and, eventually, most probably comes inside her;
  • Things get even more bizarre, in the (as presented) eighth (and last) sex scene, which also involves Trifonas and the brown (chestnut)-haired call-girl from the second sex-scene with Dellis, that was also featured in a common scene with Werner, shortly before his arrest. A close look of that scene may lead to the conclusion, that it probably constitutes the sequel of the above-mentioned brief third (blowjob) scene. The blowjob is shown here in a more detailed way, intercut with some severe reverse cowgirl and doggy pounding of the girl (although a part of it, lasting approx. 4 mins, is clearly fake, originating from the well known sex scenes between Christos Nomikos and Maria Konsta, Yiorgos Gindis and Samantha Romanou from the film Erotiki teleti). Nevertheless, back to the real scene, after the doggie penetration, Trifonas gets a blowjob again, and then starts progressively to fuck his partner’s mouth furiously, eventually choking her to death! It’s with this scene, that the hardcore version of the film comes to an abrupt end, having nothing whatsoever to do with the softcore version’s “finale”!

Although these three (actually two) sex scenes involve actors actually performing in Yimno fotomodelo, they most certainly originate from some other film, shot probably around the same time. After some thorough observation, we notice that all these scenes were shot in some kind of yellow-painted bedroom (belonging to Trifonas?) with white sheets and flower-patterned pillows, any trace of which is totally absent in the soft version. The brown (chestnut)-haired call-girl has a different hairstyle and wears some other type of jewellery in her scene, which shouldn’t be confused with the alleged sex scene she had had with Werner in his photo studio. Moreover, Trifonas seems to be incarnating some kind of “deranged” bad guy, who likes to abuse his girlfriends. So, we are most certainly in the presence of some other hardcore footage, belonging to another Greek film of that era. Could that be E. Milonakos’s film To Simadi, released at about that time (1977)?

Some remarks -

At practically the same time that the film Itan kapote parthenes (actually the hardcore version of O. Efstratiadis’s Erotiki teleti) was released in VHS in Greece, another film using the alternate titles Anomala Thilika and/or Neaniko Sex was also given a discrete release. Once again, it was proved that, in parallel to the production of the film’s Yimno fotomodelo soft core version, several hard core scenes, destined for the foreign markets, were also shot. In contrast to the hardcore version of Erotiki teleti (where the hardcore scenes covered more or less the whole plot of the film), only some five scenes of Anomala Thilika can be certainly credited as really related to Yimno fotomodelo. (Moreover, for after the sex scene between Gindis and Lueff, there is absolutely no other reference/relationship between the hardcore version and the plot of the original softcore version). In these scenes (which have been inserted and analyzed in brackets in the body of the plot summary), all the actresses performing the roles of call-girls are most probably Greek, and traces of them should be probably sought after in other films of that time. This is hardly the case with the magnificent Sylvia Lueff, who delivers a classy performance, in total correspondence with the character she plays. (She is most probably French, judging not only from some lip-reading but also from the scene where she, a rich girl, reads in cosmopolitan Mykonos the communist paper L’Humanité!).

In any case, if this film (the script of which was probably based on, if not “copied” from, Err. Andreou’s 1972 production Anazitisis) undoubtedly lacks the cohesion and the erotic excitement of Erotiki teleti, it proves once again that a lot of the young (and less renowned) actors/actresses who featured in 1970s Greek erotic films, did actually perform in hardcore scenes, allowing us to assume, on solid ground, that most of the erotic films shot in Greece between 1977/1978 and up to 1981/1982 indeed possessed some kind of hardcore version! Still, it seems that we have a long way to go, until all the pieces of the puzzle are put together.


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